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We offer a comprehensive suite of services to keep your aircraft components in peak operating condition. Our highly skilled technicians are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and safety to ensure that your aircraft is always at its best. From wheels and brakes to batteries and oxygen systems, we provide a wide range of services to meet your needs. Trust Airborne Support to keep your aircraft flying, even when you expect that it won’t make the next day’s schedule. Your
A320 family, A330, B737, B777, ATR, and more
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wheels and brakes

Wheels & Brakes

At Airborne Support, we offer a comprehensive suite of wheels and brakes services to keep your aircraft operating at its peak. Our highly skilled technicians meticulously inspect, maintain, and repair your aircraft wheels and brakes, ensuring unparalleled performance and safety. Trust our expertise to keep your aircraft in top condition and your operations running smoothly.


We offer a comprehensive battery recharge and overhaul service to restore your batteries to their former glory. This includes a thorough inspection, deep discharge and recharge cycle, cell replacement if necessary, cleaning and conditioning, and rigorous performance testing. The benefits of our service include extended battery lifespan, enhanced performance, reduced maintenance costs, and boosted environmental responsibility.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced aviation technicians adheres to strict safety protocols and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety. We meticulously inspect and maintain your aircraft's oxygen systems, ensuring their optimal performance.

Non-Destructive Testing

With our team of aerospace expert and highly qualified and EN4179 certified technicians, we provide a board spectrum of world class non-destructive testing service to aerospace industry. We play a crucial part in asset management by early detection of anomalies, defects and flaws before they cause catastrophic damage or in-service failure. Our services include: Eddy Current Testing, Magnetic Particle, Testing Penetrant Testing.